Breathable and waterproof fabric, coated with a microsporous polyurethane membrane. Offering a perfect breathable impermeability.

The Breathane fabrics are in compliance with the Standard ENV343: 2003 of class 2.


• Water vapour permeability.
Water vapour permeability is tested by measuring the resistance to water vapour, expressed as a Ret value. The lower the Ret, the higher the water vapour permeability (breathability) of the material and thus its physiological characteristics.


• Recommended wearing times.
Because the water vapour permeability of the material is very important for the physiological wear properties of the garments, the standard includes à summary table with recommended maximum wearing times for the individual performance classes.

In this summary table four different ambient temperatures at a constant physical effort are being considered. However, a change in the physical effort will influence the recommended continuous wearing time of the respective performance class.

  Table valid for medium physical effort (150W/m2), standard-man, at 50% relative humidity and a wind speed of va = 0.5m/s.
    Breathable membrane

• Respirability of a fabric : coated with a microsporous membrane allowing moister from the body to evaporate freely to the outside but blocking waterdrops from coming in.


• Water proofness relates to water coming through the protective clothing materials from the outside (e.g. due to rain, snow, fog).

  The Coverguard Hi-Viz garments must contribute to maintain a same level of comfort in extreme conditions. Insulation, ventilation, absorption and evacuation of humidity are the most important functionalities of the garment’s physiology.

The superposition of several layers, favours the creation of a microclimate which, when it benefits from an appropriate ventilation allows to maintain a perfect balance between heat and moister. The principal aim of our models is to protect against foul weather, but also to allow perspiration to exit. In both cases we want to avoid the body to get cold because it’s wet.

The microsporous coatings favours the draining of steam although blocking waterdrops from coming in. The hydrophilic membranes absorb the perspiration very quickly and lead the steam out. The hydrophobic fibres and coatings raise the impermeability.

Signification of « mm »
It’s a measure unity indicating the fabric’s water resistance, calculated by a hydrostatic test made with a water column.

The column is filled with water, and the water’s volume creates a pressure on the surface of 1 square inch during a period of 24 hours.

The number of “mm” is equivalent to the height of the water column (measured in mm) which the fabric can support without letting the water pass through the fabric.


Signification of « mvp »
It’s a measure unity indicating the breathability of a fabric, calculated with the quantity of water vapour which the fabric lets pass through the garment.

A high level of breathability is essential for an efficient thermal regulation. The Standard ISO11092* is actually used as reference to determine the performances of a textile. It measures the evaporative resistance (the blocking of the breathability).

The lower evaporative resistance of a fabric, less the garment will form a barrier of evacuation of the transpiration.