Our material’s choice
  Knit polyester Polaires Polar Fleece
  Waterproof polyester Oxford coated non breathable PU Polycoton Polycotton (60/40 %)
  Non breathable polyurethane Softshell Softshell
  0 Breathane (breathable polyurethane) Softshell Xpert
    Highly visible materials

Warning clothings are made in reflective materials allowing to reflect any light ray in the most optimal way.

The background material is made in fluorescent colours meant to be highly visible. The high visibility of these fabrics lays in their capacity to absorb the energy in the zones close to ultraviolet, and then to transform it into visible light. So, then thus, the fluorescent colours seem brighter than standard colours and makes the wearer of these garments more visible in daylight.

The retro-reflective material acts like a reflector resending the light emitted by a light source back to that source, making then the object enlightened “visible” even in case of slight light. The retro-reflexion helps the eye to capture light when the latter is weak. So, then thus, by reflecting the light rays back to the initial source, for example illuminated by headlights of cars, the fabric seems brighter in the eyes of the driver and makes the wearer more visible at night.

The combined material has at the same time fluorescent and retroreflective properties. (Are not they in our collection).