Models and classes

High visibility clothing is categorized in 3 classes. Each class requires for these garments minimal surfaces of the background material and the retroreflective material or on combined material, and this accordingly to the table hereunder.

Class 3
Class 2
Class 1
Background material0.80 m30.50 m30.14 m3
Retro-reflective material0.20 m30.13 m30.10 m3
Combined material  0.20 m3

>>> Class 3 concerns the highest level of visibility and encounts longsleeved jackets, parkas, coveralls and jacket-trousers suits.

>>> Class 2 represents the intermediate level which can be found on waistcoats and chasubles or on jackets without retroreflective bands on the sleeves.

>>> Class 1 is the lowest visibility level which can be found on trousers worn without jacket or vests or on small garments.